Costas Papantoniou

Herbalist & Naturopath qualified from The College of Natural Medicine

Member of The Association of Master Herbalists (AMH).

Member of The Asociation of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP).


 I have run The Olive Tree Organic Food Store in Kilburn, London for 29years with my wife Virginie and familly, including my 92 year old mother June, who had to stop at 91. In that space surrounded by natural remedies, herbs, flower remedies and  homeopathy I found myself constantly reading and learning all about these products that I sold.

I have always been curious about health, particularly vibrant health. 

when I was young (14), my mother was a very sick woman. I saw her collapse in front of me 2 times. Her legs could not take her weight. She eventually become bedridden one week in three then 1 week in two. This went on for 4 years. She had been going regularly to the doctors but she was getting weaker. Eventually my dad said 'June, this is not helping. lets try something different'. She cried her eyes out, then gave up the pills and with guidance she changed her diet. Slowly, her health improved. Today she is a spritely 92 year old who can't sit down.

I think my experience of her lack of health and seeing how changing her diet and lifelstyle transformed her health. As a young man clearly, this made an impression on me and made me curious about how to achieve great health and led me on the journey to discovering my passions of Vibrant health and a Plant Based Herbal Medicine approach.


Virginie Papantoniou

Registered Massage Therapist

I remember that from an early age in France I was always interested in alternative therapies and natural remedies but with a preferance for physical manipulation and a sense of spirit. This led me to explore Reiki and other forms of spiritual healing. I qualified in massage therapy but also read deaply into Monta Chias work and  Gin Nin Sang before settling for Acupressure using TCM and the 5 elements. For now I offer just Massage therapy but later in the year when I finish The Shiatsu Acupressure course I will bring that into my portfolio.

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Lucas Papantoniou

Registered Osteopath

My parents owned a health food shop all my life, so alternative and natural therapies were commonly discussed at home. My mum had frequently talked about Osteopathy when I was growing up, she had even read an osteopathic magazine when pregnant with me. Who would have guessed that it would be my chosen profession 24 years later.

Although I did have this upbringing, I only really considered it when I had back pain in my teens and I saw an osteopath. The osteopath was a gentlemen and really helped me out. I am still grateful for his help today. That was the real moment when I thought "maybe I could do the same."

I then decided to study Osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine on Finchley road. I am very happy with my decision and believe I can really help individuals with their pain, a role which I feel privileged to have. I give the best service I can and enjoy every session.

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