Herbal Medicine

When you come to see me for an initial consultation, it will cover the symptoms presented, previous health history, medication, current diet and lifestyle, and we will walk through your different systems like the digestive system, skin etc. Based on this we will formulate a plan unique to you, using either tincture (plant solution in water alcohol mix), or loose herbal teas or roots or powders or maybe a cream.



Initial consultation £60 - 75 minutes 

Follow-up £30- 30 mins

Herb prices for a month

Either Tincture £40- for 400ml, (£10- 100ml)

and/or loose herbs £12 for 200g, (£6- 100g)

           Powdered herbs £12 for 200g, (£6- 100g)

loose herbs you would normally need  200g for a month

Powdered herbs approx. 200g to 300g for a month

Creams £18- for 120ml

All information is confidential


1/2 Hour Treatment £35-

1 hour Treatment     £60-


Consultation: 45 minutes: £60

Follow up treatment: 45 minutes : £60 

In the consultation the first 10 minutes will be focussed on taking a detailed case history to understand the cause of the pain and symptoms. Then patient will be asked to undress in order for a physical examination to take place. Then treatment is given. It is important to see the whole body first in order not to miss bumps, lumps, scratches as well as muscle tone and joint function.

Follow up treatments are then booked if further treatment is necessary.